The Cons of Hiring A Handyman VS Professional Plumber  

The most common problem we encounter in our homes is our drains clogging. Despite our best efforts to avoid it, it just happens and gets the best of us. Clogged drains are no simple matter. Though some of us know a thing or two about plumbing and unclogging drains, there are times that we need a person with vast plumbing knowledge to fix our plumbing issues as soon as possible.  

Most of the time we rely on a handyman. The one who can fix the problems and will not cost you much. But, are you really saving? Or just having a band aid fix that will cost more money in the future? That is why we have listed some cons why hiring professional plumber in Alexandria VA is way better than any handyman. 

Handyman VS Professional Plumber 

1) Minimal Experience  

Unlike professional plumbers a handyman may not have a lot of experience. Not all but some handyman you hire impromptu may lack the experience which means also the knowledge in plumbing. Most handymen rely on their instincts and a trial and error experience with fixing your plumbing issues. Rather than opting for a cheap fix, trust a professional plumber to do the job.  

2) No License  

Professional plumbers are licensed, which means they are certified and legit to do the job. With a handyman, they just go freelance. You cannot really assure if they are going to fix your plumbing issues for long term or simply do trial and error. Hiring professional plumbers with license means they are accountable and know how to do the job efficiently.  

3) Lack of Tools  

A handyman basically troubleshoots your plumbing issues with their own tools the same with professional plumbers. Unlike professional plumbers, a handyman may lack the tools to fix your plumbing issues ASAP. You might end up buying the tools for them and cost you more money that the fixing itself.  

4) They Might Break Something  

Not only an inexperienced handyman might do this but also and inexperience plumber. The tendency is, hiring a handyman with minimal experience might not fully fix your plumbing issue but also break some systems or thins along the process which is not good if you are opting for a cheap fix because of the budget issues. Rather than spending more with cheap fixes, invest on professional plumbers.  

5) Slow Service  

A random handyman may be in demand due to cheap pricing and you cannot guarantee that they will prioritize you. Unlike professional plumbers, they will get the job done fast. A professional service has value for your money and your time. That is why instead of waiting on a freelance handyman to do the job and wait for days for him to show up, call professional plumbers.  

Plumbing issues are normal since over time our sinks and drains can deteriorate. Even if we tip toe and be very careful, accidents and sudden problems with your plumbing will arise. When plumbing issues arise inside your home, always call your professional plumbers. Discuss with them how they can help and solve your plumbing issues ASAP and save money with long-term solutions.  



We all know that trees could help us in many different ways. They could give food and shelter to us and even to the animals. Many environmentalists considered as the source of life. They always fight for what the right of the tree is. A lot of kids and young generation believe that planting trees and taking care of them could give a good and natural view. Students are being taught about the importance of the trees in our ecology. They believe that tree trimming Murfreesboro TN could not be good to the place and to the city.  


Many people would have a lot of reasons and possible cause why they would want to cut the trees down or remove the tree from their properties. You could remove these trees by having permit from your local engineer office. You could hire some professional to have this job as well.  

We are getting to know some of the common reasons of the people why they want to remove it. 

There could be a lot of reasons that we can come up with. First is that, possibly the tree is already dead. Of course, if the tree is already dead, you can’t use it anymore. It may just cause accidents in your area if you will not cut it down or be removed. The same thing to this is that if you have noticed that top part of the tree is already dying. It only means that it is not healthy anymore and there is a possibility that this tree won’t stay longer. There is also a reason for why the owner of the tree wants to cut it down, because it was severely damaged by a storm or flood or heavy rain.  

Roots are scattered underground and it affects the house already. The branches are crossing the neighbor’s house. It could also be because of the cable lines for electricity or internet. Or maybe, the tree is already leaning to the house. It means, there is a possibility that it may fall down and hit the house and other things. It may also be part of the reason that the tree falls a lot of leaves on the ground. For some people who have business, you probably want to remove the trees blocking the scenic spot or the view of the place. Property owners maybe are thinking about some renovation or landscaping design for their vacant area and property.  

Some of the possible reasons would be about the size of the tree. It might be too big for the place. People in the community are afraid that it may fall down and hit a lot of public structures or even be very dangerous to the people walking to that part. Lastly, that tree could be the home of some insects. Insects could be ok but sometimes there are some wasps that could be very scary when you were bitten by it.