Valuable Information from Junk Removal

The adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is what keeps the junk removal industry alive. We all know that junk removal crew takes all of our waste, big or small, and sends to various areas include: ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling centers; reseller of old construction supplies; and donation centers. But behind all those stench and at times dangerous debris, there is a pile of insider secrets waiting to be unravelled. If you got junk, hire a service to haul it for you. Check these fun facts about junk removal:

  • Fun fact 1-Junk removal company needs a lot of space

To store the belongings of the clients they collected, the junk hauling company must have their own warehouse to store the junks for recycling or proper disposing in the future. Lucky people were able to grab these junk removal treasures. If not for the space, it will be dumped like they are no use anymore. Having a warehouse to store and sort things means it is likely less items to be disposed. The goal is to have 80% of our items not end up in landfills.

  • Fun fact 2-Some companies donate items they think that are not junk

A portion of those lucky people are in foster homes and charities. Junk hauling establishments make sure that they help back to the community by segregating items that can still be of good use to these shelters. Ask the service where do they usually donate these goods. You may be surprised about their answer.

  • Fun fact 3-Junk haulers can solve any problem

Wondering how you’ll take your upstairs piano to get down the house? Junk removal service can do the trick for you. Think of them as “The Fixers” of the service industry. They have the labor, tools and experience to get it done. They also have the knowledge and experience when it comes to hauling and not just getting trash.

  • Fun fact 4-Junk removal crews have varied experiences

Talking about logistics, good junk hauling services look for contractors who have experience in mechanics, driving truck, using heavy equipment operation and general workmanship experience for they need to know proper handling of necessary equipment and tools like forklifts, skid steers, dump trucks and jackhammers. Knowledge is indeed power because it will can last for a lifetime.

  • Fun fact 5- We can help them stay safe

They may be strong and analytical, but they’re still vulnerable to cuts. We can make their hauling a lot safer by wrapping the broken glass with newspaper first, to spare bloody hands. Consult them also before throwing out any chemicals. There were lots of cases of entire trucks go up in flames after unexpected chemical reactions occurred in the back. Farmers are very notorious in dumping toxic pesticides.

  • Fun fact 6- When there are no customers to entertain, these guys go to foreclosed properties

Foreclosures is an alternative opportunity for hauling business. They contact realtors that specialize in foreclosure listings for leads. Also, they call banks and lenders who own the foreclosed homes. Some home that are left by tenants with mess, the property manager will hire hauling business to clean up the mess. It can be a good source of money for them.

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