Why Water and Fire Damage Restoration is Important

Fire and water damage is one of the most tragic things that could happen to a household or commercial property. Restoration is important so the damage won’t spread and you can use the space once again. The process of fire and water restoration is involved when you perform it properly. There are DIY things you can do like picking up things that are not dangerous to pick up and recycle some stuff. However, there are approaches and updated techniques that only Baldwin County water damage restoration can do. Someone with training and experience should be the one to do the restoration process.  

Fire Damage Restoration

Why do you need to hire someone like a restoration professional? They have the proper set of skills and equipment that will help you prevent further damage and to start the repair right away. When you ignore the effects of fire, chances are your property will have more damage. Do not underestimate the smoke because it’s a powerful force once ignored. The effects it will incur to the property will be massive because of its speed. After few weeks and the damaged property are still not repaired, the repair cost will be more expense. The carpet, glass, metal and wood reacts to the smoke in different ways.  

The techniques and equipment that professionals will use depend on your case. Every property is made of different materials, and these materials need unique care. The restoration process will include the assessment of the incident so the professional would know what actions to do next. The evaluation of the damage will take few days, depending on the scope of the fire. The cause of the water and fire damage would be then detected during the inspection.  

The types of fire and water damage ranges from 1 (least) to 4 (most). The contamination of the liquid is also categorized. Technicians are knowledgeable about this process. They know how to sanitize the area well. They will use dehumidifier, air scrubber and ozone generator if needed, depending on the case.  

For fire damage specifically, general cleaning should be done to remove the soot and ash from the floor up to the ceiling. Smoke and ash has a lot of damaging effects to the materials, as well as to your health. Chemical scrubs and thermal fogging might be used to combat the smoke, dirt and soot that stick to the surfaces. If some parts of the building cannot be restored to its original state, repair and reconstruction might be performed.  

The whole process of restoration is not for the property only; it’s also for health considerations. For water damage, the growth of mold might aggravate asthma and allergies. For fire damage, the smoke and ash can also trigger respiratory problems. A professional will going to assist you on dehumidifying and drying the air after the damage is done.  

When you hire a restoration company, make sure they have the necessary license and proof of insurance. They should have specialized training and experiences on this field.